Engineering Intelligent Healthcare Systems

We use cutting-edge machine-learning technology to streamline medical reimbursement and create a more transparent, cost-effective healthcare system for everyone. We make burdensome paperwork invisible, freeing doctors to spend more time taking care of patients. Patients spend less time worrying about their medical bills.

We’ve Only Just Begun

Making a Difference

We build products that make medical billing invisible--freeing providers and patients from paperwork and uncertainty.

Medical Coding

Reviewing clinical documentation to assign the correct procedure, diagnosis, and supply codes.

Insurance Collection

Collecting medical insurance information from patients to ensure accurate claim submission.

Prevent Denials

Providing actionable recommendations to mitigate denials and improve documentation.

Appeal Denials

Appealing denials from insurance carriers to help providers and patients get claims reimbursed.

Innovation Starts Here

Why Onehot Labs?

Onehot Labs achieves our transformative results by pointing small, independent teams at massive problems with lots of data. We do more in less time, thanks to our collaborative, trusting work environment and our shared desire to have a positive impact on the world around us.

  • Nationwide Provider Adoption:
    Every week, we review clinical documentation for 1,000,000 unique patient encounters and automatically generate medical claims in all fifty states!
  • Helping Patients at Scale:
    Our intelligent billing agent handles over 25,000 calls per day assisting patients to understand the best options for their medical bills.
  • Positive Impact on Healthcare:
    Our superhuman accuracy reduces the time both patients and providers spend worrying about their medical bills.
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We are a small team united by our intellectual curiosity and passion for making a positive impact on our healthcare system.