The Future of Healthcare Reimbursement Is Here

Moving Healthcare Forward

Onehot Labs harnesses machine learning and natural language processing to build products that make medical billing and reimbursement more efficient and cost-effective. By reducing human error, eliminating paperwork and streamlining medical billing processes, our solutions help doctors spend more time taking care of patients and allow patients to spend less time worrying about their medical bills. We are innovators, experimenters, lifelong learners, and free thinkers who strive to have a positive impact on the world around us.

What We Value

The Core Values That Drive Us

Demand Excellence

Our healthcare products profoundly affect people’s lives, so we expect the best—from ourselves and each other. This inspires us everyday to push ourselves, take on big challenges and to proudly celebrate when we accomplish our ambitious goals. We thrive when we are continuously learning, iterating, and improving. Doing our best is contagious, and together we deliver quality products that simplify the complex healthcare system.


Our focus is always on the end goal—building a better healthcare system—and we believe working together effectively determines the value of the products we deliver. The strength of our team (and our products) is built on trust, collective support, productive debate, honest feedback, and mutual respect. Treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. Good collaborators are conscientious, thoughtful, kind, and supportive. Together we create products better than the sum of their individual parts.


We’re devoted to working on projects that make a difference in the world but not by sacrificing our lives outside of the office to do so. At Onehot Labs, we believe it is important to never empty the well of our passion and inspiration, and so we insist on taking our recreation as seriously as we do our creation. Balance is necessary to maximize creativity.


Onehot Labs honors self-direction, initiative, dedication to the problem, and trust over control.  Our recipe for success combines small, unencumbered teams of ambitious colleagues with clear alignment on objectives from the start. The only to-do lists we have are the ones we write ourselves. We’ve learned that alignment enables autonomy, so we focus on common goals that free us from oversight and empower us to create our best work and have an outsized impact.

Be an Owner

As entrepreneurial inventors, we have an insatiable hunger to uncover new challenges, shape them into opportunities, then own the solutions — usually building them from scratch. We are self motivators who take initiative to determine what needs to get done and sweat the details along the way. As individuals we hold ourselves accountable for our decisions, no matter how big or small, while as a team we raise each other up. Because we equally share the ownership of Onehot’s success, we are efficient with our resources.


As inventors, our goal is to rapidly iterate through as many paths in the idea maze as possible and build our subject matter expertise at every turn. We believe in lifetime learning and inquiry over advocacy, providing the trust and support to help us explore our craziest experiments. Our best ideas are yet to come.

Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Andrew Cassidy
Machine Learning Engineer

Andrew has previously worked in the defense industry and as a freelancer. While obtaining a graduate degree from Georgia Tech, he combined his love of travel and rock climbing by living out of his car, dividing his time among Texas, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, and South Africa. In his free time, he still enjoys climbing (especially bouldering), and he plays the bass guitar.

Andrew believes in work-life balance, lifetime learning, autonomy, and teamwork.

Ryan Stack
Software Engineer

Ryan, who graduated from Cornell University, was a bond trader before he found his true vocation as a software engineer. An avid runner and a serious ping-pong player, he once was crazy enough to swim from Alcatraz to the San Francisco coast without a wetsuit. He’s lived in New York City, Boulder, San Francisco, and Winston-Salem, and he can make a great rack of ribs.

Ryan believes in teamwork, integrity, and respect.

Scott Law

Scott studied math and finance at the University of Virginia. He started his career in finance, working at a bank and a hedge fund before moving into the healthcare industry, where he’s had various strategy and investing roles. For fun, he occasionally sneaks out of the office for lunchtime hockey at Chelsea Piers or spends his weekend on long cycling rides.

Scott believes in being a team player, building trust, humility, and curiosity.

Jimmy Comfort

Between college at the University of Virginia and graduate school at Columbia University, Jimmy lived in a remote South African village constructing a water filtration system out of locally sourced materials. He has built predictive models for a wide range of industries while at IBM and Google and even swung a moonlighting project with the Baltimore Orioles. A successful year for him involves at least twenty rounds of golf, twenty days skiing, and one triathlon.

Jimmy believes in empathy, living in the present, leveling up, and radical candor.

Erica Ramos

Previously in management consulting and operations, Erica is here to channel her people passion into cultivating a diverse, welcoming culture where everyone wants to come to work each day. She is also passionate about improving the quality of patient care and volunteers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Outside of work Erica never sits still – you may find her running through Central Park or spending time with loved ones. Erica holds a Finance degree from the University of Maryland and is currently an MBA candidate at New York University.

Erica believes in respect, work-life balance, new experiences, and doing what you love.

Erik Nilsson
Machine Learning Engineer

Erik spent several years as a quantitative researcher in the financial industry, where he once co-founded a hedge fund. When not in New York, he’s probably visiting friends and family around the world. He spends his midsummer and Christmas in Sweden, making time for a visit or two to Kuwait. You can either find him at the local gym, exploring new restaurants around the city, or conjuring up a new recipe at home. Erik is also our resident race car driver as he had the fastest lap time at our recent team offsite.

Erik believes in learning by doing, intellectual curiosity, honesty and integrity

Keila Yazdani
Data Scientist

Keila studied physiology and neuroscience at UC San Diego. It was not until after graduation that she found her passion for data science. It was all thanks to working as a data analyst in a lab. When not working, you can find Keila either playing with her standard poodle, Hasan, or dancing ballet. She loves to learn about history and different cultures whether it be by living the history in person or reading up on it in a book.

Keila believes in lifelong learning, respect, genuine connection, and work-life balance.

Matt Wright
Software Engineer

Matt moved to Colorado to study computer science and math at CU Boulder. There, he’s picked up snowboarding and respect for the effects of elevation on running, biking, and swimming. When he isn’t enjoying the outdoors, he’s playing board games, finding his way out of escape rooms, losing at video games, or looking for even more mechanical keyboard switches.

Matt believes in compassion, humor, sincerity, and learning from mistakes

Richard Brandenburg
Product Manager

Richard is a fan of trying new things, with his interests ranging from AI, automation, 3D printing and staying physically active. You’ll probably find him tinkering with tech at home, boxing at my local gym, or grabbing dinner with friends. Beyond the typical day to day, traveling and immersing myself in new cultures is something Richard strives for at least once a year.

Richard believes in continuous growth, teamwork, innovation, trust.

Aiman Shariff

Aiman has previously worked in India, Germany and Singapore, and now studies Machine Learning as a Master’s Student at Columbia University. He has a passion for AI and believes in its potential for human and environmental impact. In his free time, you can find him at the gym, the soccer field, or on a scenic hike. He enjoys playing board games, cooking Indian food and exploring new spots in NYC.

Aiman believes in humility, mutual respect, work-life balance and the power of good habits.

Daniel Levenson

Daniel is a lifelong learner and computer person. After graduating from Johns Hopkins, he was a co-founder of a healthcare startup, has worked as a tech lead in the art industry and recently graduated from Cornell with a master’s degree focused on machine learning. He can often be found exploring NYC’s restaurants, cooking or rock climbing.

Daniel values curiosity, directness, and a sense of adventure.

Curiosity Wanted

Make a Difference

Onehot Labs uses cutting-edge machine learning technologies to streamline medical reimbursement freeing providers and patients from paperwork and uncertainty. We want people who embrace the need for change and are thrilled to drive it. So if you’re an independent thinker always looking for a bigger challenge, we want you on our team.

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