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Engineering Intelligent Healthcare Systems

At Onehot Labs, we use cutting-edge machine learning technologies to eliminate administrative waste throughout healthcare systems.

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The Future of Healthcare Reimbursement Is Here
Medical Coding

Reviewing clinical documentation to assign the correct procedure, diagnosis, and supply codes.

Anomaly Detection

Monitoring claim lifecycle to alert providers to anomalous patterns impacting charge creation.

Insurance Collection

Collecting medical insurance information from patients to ensure accurate claim submission.

Prevent Denials

Providing actionable recommendations to mitigate denials and improve documentation.

Appeal Denials

Appealing denials from insurance carriers to help providers and patients get claims reimbursed.

Billing Agent

Providing patients with an intelligent concierge to guide them through the medical billing process.

Fresh Perspectives

Big Company Data, with Start-Up Agility

Our products are live, our datasets are massive, and we’re moving healthcare forward.

  • Our pioneering healthcare tech is already in use in all fifty states, reviewing clinical documentation for over 1,000,000 patient encounters each week.
  • Big company data plus small company flexibility uniquely positions us to rapidly iterate through the idea maze and produce solutions that make a difference.
  • The future of healthcare is machine learning—and we’re at the forefront of that technology shift.
  • Great ideas don’t come from traditional attitudes. We encourage flexible work hours, creative approaches, and independent thinking.
  • Onehot Labs is engineering the perfect job by adhering to our core principles of balance, autonomy, teamwork, and curiosity.
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We’re Hiring!

Full Stack Engineer

We're looking for full stack engineers to help develop scalable end to end machine learning systems that change the way medical billing is performed. You will get the chance to work on greenfield projects that bring modern technologies to an archaic industry in need of change by building tools that make our ML systems more efficient - from data ingestion interfaces to model serving APIs.

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Machine Learning Engineer

We’re searching for machine learning engineers to build scalable algorithms and tools that transform the medical billing process for both patients and providers. From day one, you will design and build cloud-based, end-to-end machine learning systems, applying cutting-edge research techniques to massive amounts of healthcare data. The ideal candidate will have experience developing enterprise software and building machine learning models.

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Data Engineer

We’re looking for data engineers to build internal products that make our machine learning more efficient—from data ingestion to real-time model serving. Our models will only be as good as the data fed into them. The ideal candidate will have experience developing data infrastructure and software tools with a strong desire to participate in building machine learning systems.

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Software Engineer - Conversational Agent

We’re looking for software engineers to build voice and text-based conversational interfaces that provide better ways for patients to interact with their medical providers and insurance companies. AI technology and tools today allow us to anticipate and respond to patient needs and proactively helping them resolve billing issues immediately. The ideal candidate will be an exceptional software engineer who has some experience building conversational interfaces, preferably using DialogFlow or Lex.

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"I would recommend Onehot’s solutions to anyone serious about impacting their revenue cycle and readying themselves for the future."

Weston Abbott
Coding Operations @ Zotec Partners

"While most startups focus on gathering and manually labeling data, we stepped right into processing millions of human-labeled medical records and building machine learning algorithms on top of that."

Andrew Cassidy
Engineer @ Onehot Labs

"We have a little gold mine of unsolved real-world problems that are perfect use cases for machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies."

Ryan Stack
Engineer @ Onehot Labs
Curiosity Wanted

Make a Difference

Onehot Labs uses cutting-edge machine learning technologies to streamline medical reimbursement freeing providers and patients from paperwork and uncertainty. We want people who embrace the need for change and are thrilled to drive it. So if you’re an independent thinker always looking for a bigger challenge, we want you on our team.

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