We are an innovation lab on a mission to eliminate administrative waste throughout the healthcare ecosystem and create a more transparent, cost effective healthcare system.





Appealing denials from insurance carriers so providers and patients can get reimbursed properly.



Review clinical documentation to assign procedure, diagnosis and supply codes in order to generate a claim to be reimbursed by insurance providers



Reconciling the books to make sure providers are properly reimbursed for all procedures performed


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We are engineering a better way.

OneHot Labs is a team of innovators using cutting-edge machine learning technology to solve problems that have plagued the healthcare industry for decades.

Are you a problem-solver? Creative thinker? Endlessly curious? If you delight in the details and are unafraid to push forward, even when the next step is unclear, then we’re looking for you.



“In my decade of experience with other coding solutions, I cannot say I have ever felt as confident in the model-based decisions being made; I would recommend Onehot’s solutions to anyone serious about impacting their revenue cycle and readying themselves for the future.”

- Weston Abbott, Director of Coding Operations @ Zotec Partners

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